Patient Pager Trial a Success at HGMH

Posted: Friday, 21 July 2017

If you visited the HGMH Emergency Department in June, you may have noticed the patient pagers that were being tried out. Patients who receive a pager can go anywhere on the hospital's property without missing being called into the ER. The pagers beep, flash red lights, and vibrate, making them effective for everyone to use.

After the patient is called into the ER, they drop off the pager, and it is cleaned and disinfected before being put back in the charger to await another patient.

These pagers help patients feel more secure during their wait time in the ER, since they know they won't miss being called. They also improve confidentiality by eliminating the need to loudly call out patient names, and they make workflow for staff more efficient.

Patients who were part of the trial provided plenty of feedback to help the hospital evaluate the devices. One patient noted that the pager allowed her to pass the wait time with her young child by walking outside without having to worry about missing being called. Other patients who have difficulty with hearing their name being called said it was a relief to have the flashing and vibrating pager to catch their attention.

Now that the initial trial of the pagers is done, the hospital will be looking at expanding their use into clinic areas.


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