Doctors' Day 2017

Posted: Monday, 1 May 2017

Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital thanks its dedicated physicians on Doctors' Day

May 1st is Doctors' Day in Ontario and Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) has a lot to celebrate: we have two new family physicians joining us at the end of the summer, a team of 17 doctors serving 23,000 Emergency Department patients annually,  plus five with family practices at the hospital. We also have 14 specialists in areas ranging from respirology to neurology to obstetrics-gynecology.

Hospital CEO Linda Morrow says HGMH couldn't be more grateful for its doctors. "We are so fortunate to have a dedicated team of physicians practicing medicine at our hospital. The doctors of HGMH provide invaluable services on our inpatient units, such as Acute Care and Rehabilitation, as well as in our emergency department and specialty outpatient clinics," says Morrow.

Doctors' Day was established by the Ontario government in 2011 to recognize the extraordinary contributions of the approximately 29,000 practicing physicians across the province. May 1st was chosen because it is the birthday of Canada's first female doctor, Dr. Emily Stowe. Ontario's doctors treat approximately 320,000 patients a day and 5.9 million patients in the Ontario's emergency departments each year.

Dr. Nadia Kucherepa, HGMH's Chief of Staff, says she is very proud of the dedication shown by doctors serving HGMH, some of whom have been with the hospital for over 40 years. "Physicians put in a career of personal sacrifice to serve our community and May 1st is the day to say 'thanks.' If you have a good rapport with your doctor, or feel something was managed well, tell them! It refuels us to keep serving our community to our fullest potential," says Kucherepa.

Morrow is first in line to do so. "On behalf of the hospital, our staff, and our community, I'd like to thank our doctors for the work they do in putting patients first," she says.

To help Ontarians celebrate Doctors' Day, the Ontario Medical Association has published an activity sheet for children (download it at and is promoting hashtags #LoveMyMD and #PatientsFirst.


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