Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Program and Inpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation Program

Patients admitted to our rehabilitation programs receive timely, equitable and consistent access to the rehabilitation care that they need. The rehabilitation programs address a wide variety of issues including: 

  • Self-care skills such as feeding, grooming, dressing, bathing and toileting
  • Mobility skills such as transfers, walking and self-propelling a wheelchair
  • Communication skills in speech and language
  • Cognitive skills such as memory and problem solving
  • Social skills for interacting with other people

The goals of rehabilitation are based on the needs of the patient and their families. During their stay, patients will be challenged to acquire the necessary skills that will foster independence and autonomy in their own activities of daily living in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Inter-professional Health Care Team

  • Physician
  • Physiatrist (on consultation)
  • Nurse
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Registered Dietician
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Pharmacist / Pharmacy Technician
  • Care coordinator/Discharge Planner
  • Rehabilitation Clerk
  • Social Worker (on consultation)
  • Optometrist (on consultation)

Admission Criteria

  • Medically stable
  • Motivation, tolerance and endurance to actively participate in therapy
  • Ability to learn and retain new skills
  • Potential to progress functionally and cognitively

Discharge planning

Discharge planning starts early on during your stay. The inter-professional team with you and your family will start planning an appropriate and safe environment that will meet your needs.

Out-patient Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program will provide a comprehensive approach to all clients by helping them manage their shortness of breath, improve their energy levels and provide them with a greater sense of control over their Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and respiratory disease. The health care team with the client will tailor an exercise program and will monitor their response to the intervention.

For more information, please contact the Manager of Rehabilitation Services at 613-525-2222 X 4330


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