The HGMH Auxiliary is happy to welcome any candidate who meets the requirements, and who is willing to adhere to the purpose of the programme; specifically, one who has successfully completed the interview process and is willing to contribute their time and energy to the betterment of the HGMH. Members of the Auxiliary are classified based on their contribution to the organization:

  • Active: One who works in the auxiliary's programmes on a regular basis, is covered by the hospital insurance policy during that time, and pays the annual fee.
  • General: One who supports the auxiliary and all it stands for by volunteering when called upon, but is not working in the auxiliary programmes on a regular basis.
  • Life: A member who is active, or has been in the past may become a life member by paying a designated sum of money, or by receiving a paid-up membership as a gift.
  • Honorary Life: A member who is being honoured by the Auxiliary for outstanding service by being given a lifetime, paid-up membership.
  • Affiliated Groups: A local or district organization that is affiliated to support the auxiliary may have two voting parties at the annual meeting.

Members of the HGMH Auxiliary have the right to a) vote at the annual Auxiliary Meeting, and b) Hold office in the Auxiliary organization.



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