Patient Feedback

We frequently receive feedback from our patients and visitors regarding the services we offer. Below are a few examples of comments we've received since April 1, 2015, in the language they were sent to us.

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"We wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your exceptional care. ;Your quality and integrity as a physician, and more fundamentally, as a person shine through. You take the time to listen, your 'manner', put him at ease and helped him gain confidence as you made sure he understood what you were planning for his treatment plan; you make your patients feel valued and respected. Your commitment and dedication to investigating the complete facts and details of his in-patient stay as a backup MD at HGMH, and the final MD in his hospital stay was amazing. Your professionalism, excellent care planning, and outstanding communication skills among all teams ensured a safe transition to home. Thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients and their families!"
"I would just like to thank the all of the Emergency Department staff, Doctors and Nurses who helped me during stay at Glengarry Memorial Hospital on Saturday October 24th. It was a very frightening situation but from the moment I arrived at the hospital everyone was so kind and helpful, it made me feel confident that I was in good care. Thank you again, this level of care did not go unnoticed and I am extremely appreciative."
"Kevin Dupuis applauds the nursing staff at HGMH who are A1, the kitchen who made real home cooked delicious food and the housekeepers who work so hard with such a friendly disposition to keep everything so clean."
"While administering insulin to myself prior to bedtime, I made the mistake of mixing up the two types of insulin that I take on a daily basis.  Upon this being discovered by me, I immediately got into my truck and drove to the hospital.  When I got into the waiting area and through to the ER hallway area, I stepped through the swinging doors and told one of the Nurses on duty, Anne Marie Lord who immediately got things in motion, after which is was a pleasure to witness the way this department smoothly, efficiently and professional operated.  I arrived at the hospital around 10:30pm and while being a patient in the ER department during the shift change, I was very impressed with the seamless transitioning of the care that I continued to receive until 3:00am.  At times while working as a manager here at the hospital I have had many discussions with the individuals who provided the care I required on this night, made jokes and had many laughs with them.  However, when it came down to business, I cannot comment the group enough.  Below is a list of the caregivers working that night: Anne Marie lord, Sylvie Campion, Hannah McGillis, Steve Thompson, Jillian McGillis, Dr. Rosenbloom.  Please feel free to share this and please know that I am proud to be working for HGMH in which I get to associate with these as well as many other professional individuals working for HGMH."
The Internal Quality, Patient Safety & Utilization Committee recognizes Jennifer Mattice who demonstrates our workplace values of "working together" and "quality". She ensures that every detail of hospital work flow processes is in place within the right timelines with exceptional work ethic and dedication.
"Carmen Paquette knows how to establish and maintain professional relationships and advocates for patients well-being based on trust, respect, and empathy."

"We have seen firsthand how the health care professionals were at his side and helped with our father's physical and mental needs. Most importantly his dignity was always in each care givers mind and everyone took time to talk and care for him. If there are any lessons learned in all this is that we should be proud to have a great local health center in Alexandria to help us in our most vulnerable needs. We did not manage to cure him or get him better however we did manage to get him closer to home and GMH was a good final place for him to be. He was happy to be at our local hospital and he felt at home, you could almost see a sigh of relief in his eyes when we told him where he was.

I/we wish the board, the staff and all the volunteers great success in making this hospital a great place for health services and as in our situation a final resting place for the local patients and for the families in need of support."

"My transition from patient to friend of this hospital came as a delightful surprise to me. I mean, what silver lining could there be in having a stroke? I haven't just survived, I have flourished from the experience.

What happened to me between September 17, 2012 and my completion of the Post Stroke Rehabilitation Program? I think it had a lot to do with the tireless support of this family that created a new neuron pathway for me to follow."

"The deep water running class (in the pool) is an incredible workout. The instructor Danielle MacLeod, who is a competitive swimmer and runner herself, leads the group through a series of interval runs, alternating slow and fast running motions, without the jarring or impact of regular running, making it an excellent cross-training activity, as well as an option for runners who do not want to lose their fitness levels while recovering from injuries. Participants are encouraged to reach their own maximum intensity levels, making it perfect for adults of all ages who want to add a little extra to their regular exercise programs. I have noticed more toning of my arms and legs from this half hour aqua class than from years of daily distance walking and jogging. I highly recommend this class and feel very grateful that we have such an excellent program being offered at our Alexandria pool."

"I have been in other hospitals in Ottawa, and I was so happy to leave them. I wished I never had to go back. I thought it was the same in every hospital, but then I came here.

My experience here was so great. I felt that everyone was so kind, helpful and pleasant. Everyone had a smile on their faces when they greeted me.

The care I received was top notch, and I wanted to thank everyone from Housekeeping, Dietary, Nursing, Physio and especially the volunteers, including the student volunteers who visit in the evening."

"Mary McIntyre (RN) always goes above and beyond and keeps us up to date on the patient's plan of care. She's amazing!"

"Mon épouse et moi-même désirons vous exprimer notre sincère appréciation pour les excellent soins qu'elle a reçu lors de son récent séjour à l'Hôpital Glengarry Mémorial. Que le programme soit disponible dans les deux langues est un avantage précieux

Nous désirons mentionner quelques noms parmi ceux qui ont contribué aux soins dont les services ont été grandement appréciés : Dr. Kucherepa, Chantal, Carmen, Lisa, Krista, Melissa, Brian, Silvia, Blake, Claudia, Julie, et autres. Je désire aussi remercier Ajith qui est un ange d'efficacité et de patience. Un merci tout spécial à cet homme.

Vous formez une excellente équipe qui travaillent bien ensemble. Nous souhaitons, comme vous, que se réalise votre projet de soins externes. C'est un besoin urgent pour notre région. Merci encore pour l'effort que vous faites pour offrir des soins d'une grande qualité malgré les contraintes budgétaire dans le domaine de la sante."

"Recently, family discussion has turned to the morning a year ago when our father received the unfortunate but expected news in the GMH Emergency Room that his cancer had metastasized. These discussions, however, revolve just as frequently around our enduring gratitude to the Supervising Nurse at the time.

Even with the passage of an entire year, it is the memory of her calmness, discretion, and 'grace under pressure' amid the ensuing tension that stays with me. But it was principally her concern for dad's overall well-being, combined with a determination to stand up for what she believed to be his best interests, which remains most vivid. She took in the situation at a glance, and quietly and firmly supported dad's decision to depart for home. During the drive home, and in spite of the experience, we would like you to know that dad was determined to convey his thanks to the nurse for her professional demeanour. While he cannot deliver these thanks now, we would like to take the opportunity almost a year to the day to do so on his behalf.

GMH is fortunate indeed to have such a beacon of professionalism, care, and patient advocacy in the person of Joslyn MacGillivray."


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