Our Grand opening 1965History

Since its inception in 1961, and its grand opening in 1965, Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) has been a valued institution in Alexandria, as well as being a staple to the entirety of Glengarry County.  

The 1960s

After 4 years of planning and 1 year of construction, the hospital opened in May 1965. It had 40 beds consisting of 33 Active and 7 Maternity.

HGMH in 1965

The 1970s

May 1975 brought about some exciting changes, particularly for our elderly population:

  • New 15-bed Chronic Care Unit
  • New Physiotherapy Department
  • Expanded Emergency, Laboratory and X-ray Departments.

The 1980s

The increasing standards of care for specialty services changed the focus of the hospital to Medical, Emergency and Out Patient services.  Major surgery and maternity services were relocated to larger facilities.

Physician officesThe 1990s

Physician shortages and severe funding cutbacks led to serious concerns for the hospital's viability.  Aggressive strategic planning led to the development of a concept of one-stop shopping for health care:

  • Physician offices were provided within the hospital and became a successful recruitment tool. Two new family physicians were welcomed to the community.
  • The 15-bed chronic Care Unit was re-located to a portion of the Active Care Unit that had been downsized.

The New Millenium

The focus of health care became one of prevention by promoting healthy life styles and community care. The Hospital sought to be pro-active in this new way of thinking.

  • The Rehabilitation and Health Promotion Pool was opened in April 2001.
  • The Physiotherapy Department was re-located next to the new pool.
  • The Community Care Access Centre site office of Alexandria re-located to the other portion of the former Chronic Care Unit to improve health care integration.
  • The open Courtyard was enclosed to provide for a new outdoor-style activity area all year round.


Emergency DepartmentAfter four years of planning, the Emergency and Ambulatory Care Expansion was opened in 2006.  The expansion will accommodate the 100% increase in the number of emergency visits over the last 10 years.  In 2009 the Day Surgery Ambulatory Care Unit was opened following a full-scale renovation.

In 2010, the Post Acute Stroke Rehabilitation Program was added.  This program provides rehabilitation to patients who have suffered a recent stroke and are expected to recover and transition to a community living arrangement.

As a result of a generous benefactor:

  • In 2008, following some internal renovations, we began offering ultrasound services.
  • In 2009, bone densitometry service was added.
  • In 2010, cardiac stress testing and cardiac ultrasound were added
  • In 2013, pulmonary function test laboratory was added

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